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Excellent Location

The Park is located in an exceptionally good infrastructural environment: the capital’s agglomeration, next to the main road Nr. 10, between Budapest (20 km) and Esztergom (15 km).

Energy-Efficient Buildings

Besides the outstanding thermal insulation, the buildings are equipped with geothermic heating and air conditioning system, solar panels and LED lighting.


By our personalized building solutions, our new tenants have the possibility to fit their rented property to their unique ideas and special needs.

Block stacking service

Block stacking and other storage services are offered in cold, deep-frozen and isolated warehouses as well.

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Our main Tenants

Pilis Logisztikai Park Pilisjászfalu
Pilis Logisztikai Park Pilisjászfalu
Pilis Logisztikai Park Pilisjászfalu
Pilis Logisztikai Park Pilisjászfalu


Our Partners

Pilis Logistics and Office Park
Pilis Logistics and Office Park
Pilis Logistics and Office Park
Pilis Logistics and Office Park



Construction of the R11 highway can soon begin

The R11 highway runs from the new M1 motorway junction between Bicske and Mány, leaving Zsámbék, Tök, Perbál and Tinnye from the west. The 10th highway and the Budapest-Esztergom railway line will be crossed at a separate level to the 2-lane road leading to...

No more obstacles for the construction of the North-West section the M0 motorway

Solymár’s representative body decided on October 25, 2017 that it was ready to adapt its regulatory plan to the M0 motorway route, so the town’s notary can finally issue the specialist authority contribution required for the construction ...

Western section of M0 motorway to be completed by 2021

The M0 Ring will be complete with the construction of the western section between road 10 and the southern end of the M0 higway, and also with the northern section connecting main road 10 with main road 11(ie the Megyeri Bridge). With the completion...


The location of the Pilis Logistics and Office Park is remarkably advantageous in terms of transport.

The facility is located right next to the main road 10,halfway between Budapest and Esztergom.


Three motorways (M0, M1, M7) can be reached within 30 km, including both the north and south end of the M0 motorway, which makes the capital easily accessible. Thanks to the proximity of the Esztergom freight ferry, it is also possible to transport in Slovakia.


Budapest: 20 km
Esztergom: 16 km
M0 South, M1, M7: 21 km
M0 North: 28 km


Public Transport:

The Pilis Logistics Park is a few minutes' walk from the Budapest-Esztergom suburban railway line number 2 and the bus number 800.



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