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Discover our energy-efficient industrial park
in the agglomeration of Budapest, Pilisjászfalu

94.000 m2


41.000 m2

building area

Excellent Location

The Park is located in an exceptionally good infrastructural environment: the capital’s agglomeration, next to the main road Nr. 10, between Budapest (20 km) and Esztergom (15 km), in the middle of the biggest infrastructural development between 2022 and 2024.

Energy-Efficient Design

We design and construct our buildings based on a renewable energy source—we intend to cover 100% of the needs of our tenants with green energy.


By our personalized building solutions, our new Tenants (above 5000 m2 rented area) have the possibility to fit their rented property to their unique ideas and special needs.


Storage rental and other warehouse, logistics and office services are available at the Park.

Excellent location

The location of the Pilis Industrial Park is extremely advantageous in terms of transport: The facility is located in the agglomeration, right next to main road 10, halfway between Budapest and Esztergom.

Three highways (M0, M1, M7) can be reached within 30 km, including both the northern and southern ends of highway M0, making the capital particularly accessible. Due to the proximity of the freight ferry in Esztergom, transport to and from Slovakia is also possible.

The road network development to be implemented between 2022 and 2025 will have a particularly positive effect on the Pilis Industrial Park.

Budapest: 20 km
Esztergom: 15 km
M0 South, M1, M7: 20 km
M0-ás North: 28 km (from 2024: 1 km)

Public transport: On Budapest-Esztergom directions, the stations of the suburban railway nr. 2 and the bus nr. 800 are within 10 minutes walk.


Building "A"

The first building of the Pilis Industrial Park has opened in March 2016, with A-category offices, halls and workshops for rent.
About capacities, please contact us below!


Building "B" has opened in June 2020, among the expansion of building "A". We take into account the unique needs of our prospective tenants during the design phase of our new buildings (2021-22).
About capacities, please contact us below!​

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H-2080 Pilisjászfalu,
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